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Overview and Specifications:

1. This is a golf observation device that uses precision optics and digital technology to measure distance.
2. This is a very safe distance test device, and does not have any form of energy radiation.
3. It does not cause any damage to the human body within the measured distance.

1. GREEN MODE (lawn function): This function is specially designed for golf players, and you can easily get the distance between your holes.
2. GENERAL MODE (general function): This function is suitable for ordinary situations. First you input the height of the object, and then you can measure the distance between you and the target.

Object mirror: 28mm/1.1''
Eyepiece: 16mm/0.62''
Resolution: 13''
Magnification: 7 times
Maximum test distance: 1000 yards (1 yards =0.914 meters)
Angle: 7.8
Power: 2x CR2032 button battery (including)ngle: 7.8