ZMI 18W Car USB Charger 2 Ports QC 3.0 Fast Charging With Cigarette Lighter Head


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Voltage : 12V
Out Power : 18W
Model Name : AP821
Item Size : 6.14 x 2.46 x 2.46 cm
Item Weight : 0.175KG
Material Type : Copper
Special Features : Charging
Interface : USB2.0


1: Through QC3.0 certification, the single-port output can reach 18W. The two USB ports of the ZMI car charger are all certified by QC3.0, which can provide higher charging efficiency for the electric equipment, no matter whether it is on the way to work or self-driving tour. Can provide sufficient power guarantee for your digital equipment;

2: The copper body is one step faster in heat dissipation. In order to ensure better heat dissipation, the body of ZMI car charger uses copper as the raw material of the casing. After CNC high-precision machining, polishing, electroplating, laser engraving, etc. After the process is accomplished, it is more exquisite and refined on the basis of ensuring efficient heat dissipation;

3: Metal elastic electric shock design, stable and tight buckle, adapt to different sizes of cigarette lighter and power port, can carry 12V/24V wide voltage input, compatible with most mainstream models on the market.

Product Name: ZMI Car Charger
Interface type: dual-hole USB interface
Product net weight: 54G
Product color: silver